Server Mode (beta) for Windows and Python (v0.4)

We have released a new version of the Windows and cross-platform Python clients that comes with a built-in OBEX server. This overcomes the problem of many operating systems' lack of native support of OBEX File Transfer. If SyncBlue runs on your operating system, you can now run it in server mode and sync to it from any other machine running SyncBlue. You can read more about the new feature in the Wiki, have a look at the source or download the new installer.

The server is still in a beta stage. While all operations work on the developers' machines, we have not been able to test it on different operating systems with different Bluetooth stacks, path conventions etc. yet. Make sure to backup critical files before trying the server on your machine, particularly when syncing entire directory structures.

Updated version for Microsoft Windows (v0.3)

We're excited to announce a new Version for Microsoft Windows (and the cross-platform Python client on which it is based)! New features include:

  • Threaded operations to improve speed and GUI usability
  • A simpler, smarter interface for selecting devices to connect to
  • Automatic device discovery
  • Improved error handling
The new installer can be downloaded here. Also check out the new source on GitHub.

SyncBlue for Mac OS X

We have released a beta of SyncBlue for Mac OS X Yosemite! The installer can be downloaded here.


SyncBlue is an open-source project with the aim of developing a utility for keeping files and folders synchronized across devices of various platforms without relying on the cloud. Using Bluetooth technology and the OBEX File Transfer protocol, SyncBlue allows the automatic synchronization of files, folders and folder hierarchies between a computer running Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X and a Bluetooth-enabled device of any operating system or manufacturer, provided it supports OBEX file transfer.

The source code (Python for Windows; Objective-C for Mac OS X) can be found on SyncBlue's GitHub page.